The news of Jimmy Buffett’s passing has the music world in shock. Across several decades, the “Margaritaville” singer set trends in the realm of music with his escapist fusion of rock, country, and pop.

Following the news several artists have taken to social media to mourn the loss of Buffett and express condolences to his friends and family.

Buffett’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” collaborator Alan Jackson shared a photo of them two on Instagram at a past CMA Awards ceremony.

“Shores distant shores, There’s where I’m headed for, I got the stars to guide my way, Sail into the light of day…,” read the post’s caption, quoting Buffett’s song, “Boats To Build.”

Elton John wrote on his Instagram Story, calling Buffett “a unique and treasured entertainer.”

He continued, saying, “His fans adored him and he never let them down. This is the saddest of news. A lovely man gone way too soon.”


Kenny Chesney shared a carousel of video clips, one of Chensey covering one of Buffett’s songs while sitting on the beach with a guitar, another one of him and Buffett performing together.

“So goodbye Jimmy,” read the post’s caption. “Thanks for your friendship and the songs I will carry in my heart forever. Sail On Sailor.”

On Twitter, Toby Keith shared two pictures of them two together, and noted Buffett’s impact within music.

“The pirate has passed. RIP Jimmy Buffett. Tremendous influence on so many of us,” said Keith.

Country star and Barmageddon game show host Blake Shelton also took to Twitter to express his sadness about the loss of Buffett, and to share a special memory of them.

“Heart broken this morning hearing of Jimmy Buffett’s passing,” said Shelton. “What an incredible talent and man. His songs will live on forever. I’ll bet most of y’all don’t know that he wrote the theme song for @BarmageddonUSA for me about 2 years ago. Raising a glass today to the Son of a son of a Sailer.”

Rapper Pitbull pleasantly remembered Buffett’s carefree attitude and shared a video of the two performing.

“Jimmy, you lived life and didn’t let life live you,” he said. “A true pioneer and trailblazer. Thank God for
@jimmybuffett and when life gives you limes, make margaritas. Rest in paradise, ACP (Pitbull)”

Though Jason Isbell didn’t share any videos or personal stories with Buffett, he recalled hearing several of his peers speak fondly of him.

“Every musician I know who worked with Buffett just absolutely loved the man,” said Isbell. “He wrote some incredible songs too- folky stuff, not just the hits. We all lose a lot with his passing.”

In a two-part tweet, Sammy Hagar called Buffett “the godfather of style” and pleasantly recalled his cozy wardrobe he often donned during performances.

“He taught us all how to live,” said Hagar. “Jimmy taught us all how to wear shorts, flip-flops and a worn out T-shirt, walk on stage, as well as your favorite restaurant, and be comfortable.”

Paul McCartney also offered a long-form tribute, remarking fondly on Buffett’s kind demeanor and generosity.

“I remember once on holiday when I had forgotten to bring my guitar and was itching to play,” said McCartney. “He said he would get me one of his, but I said, ‘I’m left-handed’. So, Jimmy had his roadie restring one of his guitars which he loaned me for the duration of the holiday. He then followed this act of generosity by giving me my own beautiful left-handed guitar that had been made by one of his guitar-making pals. It’s a beautiful instrument, and every time I play it now it’ll remind me of what a great man Jimmy was.”

McCartney continued, saying Buffett “had a most amazing lust for life and a beautiful sense of humour. When we swapped tales about the past his were so exotic and lush and involved sailing trips and surfing and so many exciting stories that it was hard for me to keep up with him.”

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