I don’t remember why I followed Chicago audio engineer Seth Engel’s band Options on Bandcamp, but I’m glad I did because the lead single from their new album is good. The song, “Toast,” leads off the forthcoming Swimming Feeling on a catchy yet pleasingly disjointed note. There are bits of Cars-style power-pop and emo in the mix, but also the more artsy, sophistipop-leaning side of new wave and maybe math-rock too? (Check out those off-kilter guitar and drum rhythms in the verses.) Engel sings everything in an understated tenor that fits with the opening lyrics: “Night, caught in a vibe/ Loping thru time.” It’s a cool song, and with a runtime under two minutes, it can be played several times without getting old. Do that below.

01 “Toast”
02 “Inside”
03 “the Bend”
04 “Take Time”
05 “Get Me”
06 “Take It Tough”
07 “Shortsight”
08 “Fieldy”
09 “Weathered”
10 “Breaker”
11 “Days Will Pass”
12 “Nothing”

Swimming Feeling is out 7/1. Pre-order it here.