Coachella has been full of surprises this weekend. During this year’s festival, fans have been eager to see No Doubt perform with its classic line-up for the first time in years.

During No Doubt’s performance, the Gwen Stefani-fronted band performed several fan favorites, including “Don’t Speak,” “Hey Baby,” “Hella Good,” and more. As the band performed “Bath Water” a special guest made a surprise appearance on stage. Joining the band was pop hitmaker Olivia Rodrigo.

While with the band, Rodrigo matched Stefani’s energy as they rocked about the stage, like two rock icons representing different generations.

This comes as a full-circle moment to Rodrigo, who has often cited No Doubt and Stefani among her favorite artists. In a recent profile on Stefani for Nylon, Rodrigo praised Stefani’s versatility and how her craft has evolved throughout her three-decade spanning career.

“Gwen’s ability to evolve and explore different styles of music, songwriting and aesthetic while still remaining true to herself is incredibly inspiring,” said Rodrigo. “To me, she’s a prime example of an artist who defies stereotypes and preconceived boundaries and just makes stuff that she thinks is cool. If that’s not a true artist, I don’t know what is.”

You can see a clip of the “Bath Water” performance above.

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