In his second performance of the night, Chris Stapleton laid it all out on the table. Taking to the Saturday Night Live stage once again, Stapleton performed “Mountain Of My Mind” from his fifth studio album, Higher.

This time, Stapleton was all alone on stage — just him and his guitar. The solo aspect of the performance allowed for viewers to visualize the feeling Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, were feeling when they wrote the song together.

Stapleton previously opened up about the songwriting process for “Mountain Of My Mind” in an interview with GQ.

“Everybody has some version of that. Just ‘I want to get the f*ck out of here. I’ve had enough,” said Stapleton. “I don’t want to be whoever I’m supposed to be today.’ Whether it’s a mother raising kids or somebody getting older and lonely. And anybody who’s been in the position we’re in has some kind of impostor syndrome. You start to not feel like a real person, you know what I’m saying? You start to understand when you see guys talk about themselves in the third person. The reason they do that, I believe, is that they’re not really talking about themselves. They’re talking about whatever the thing is of themselves that people want to purchase or go see.”

You can see a clip of the “Mountain Of My Mind” performance above.