Kahan’s latest album, Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), is a bitter taste of reality as it touches on topics such as love and life. The indie folk singer’s song “Dial Drunk,” which was co-produced by Kahan and Gabe Simon and features Post Malone, is no exception.

Kahan sings, “I’m remembering I promised to forget you now / But it’s raining, and I’m calling drunk / And my medicine is drowning your perspective out / So I ain’t taking any fault / Am I honest still? Am I half the man I used to be? / I doubt it, forget about it, whatever / And the dial tone is all I have.” Throughout, Kahan’s desperation is interwoven into each note.

On the track, Kahan suffers from the somber reality that his ex-lover is no longer returning. “Dial Drunk” is a harmonic entanglement of folk and alternative elements. However, tPost Malone’s sharp pop sensibilities were the precise boost to round out the record further.

When discussing teaming with Post Malone, Kahan said in a statement, “I have been listening to Post Malone since ‘White Iverson’ dropped, even covering ‘Congratulations’ right when my career was beginning. It feels like a full circle moment, and it has been a dream come true to make this collaboration happen.”

Listen to the full track above.

Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) is out now via Mercury Records/Republic Records. Find more information here.