Noah Kahan recently did an interview with NME, where the rising performer discussed the isolating feeling that is coming his success.

His song, “Stick Season,” became a viral hit on TikTok that propelled his career. Olivia Rodrigo even covered the song a few months back during her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance.

“I think that’s a lonely place to be when you feel like something’s happening that no one can relate to,” Kahan shared. “That’s something I carry with me and work on all the time.”

“I’m doing my best to reach out to people I know are going through it,” he added. “I’ve met some really wonderful people who have no reason to be a great resource for me other than being kind and willing to talk.”

Kahan also spoke about the fact that performing can help fight that feeling of loneliness, but it is only for a brief moment.

“I always feel together with people on stage, but sometimes I feel even more alone afterwards. But I know every night I’ll see a bunch of people who are truly supportive, not just people who are there for a moment or to hear the song they heard on TikTok.”

This weekend, Kahan is set to play a show in Mexico, before heading out on a world tour with stops in Australia, Europe, and North America. More information can be found here.