Shortly after Cher had filed an emergency request to have a temporary conservatorship placed on her son, Elijah Blue Allman, a Los Angeles judge denied it. Allman had showed up in court to dispute the move, and the judge ruled he needed extra time to review Cher’s claims that he is in danger for “severe mental health and substance abuse issues,” according to Rolling Stone.

Cher’s lawyer had argued that Elijah Blue Allman is about to receive money from the trustee of the estate of his late father, Gregg Allman, and they believed it would be “spent on drugs.”

However, he disputed this claim, pointing out that he had allegedly been “clean and sober” for three months now.

“Like many people, I have struggled with addiction and spent money in ways that have not always been the most responsible,” Allman shared. “However, I am now under the care of Dr. Howard Samuels and am attending AA meetings. I have dismissed my petition for dissolution of marriage and I am reconciling with my wife so that we can work on our relationship now that I have found a path to sobriety.”

Although Cher’s emergency request was denied, she is still able to petition the court for a temporary conservatorship — just not an expedited one, according to the publication. The next hearing is set for January 29. An additional hearing for a permanent conservatorship will take place in March.

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