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NERIAH released How Do I Get Clean? today, her second EP of 2022. She showed vulnerability on June's This Is How The World Made Me, but this one goes deeper.

Tracks like "Fuck You Matthew" and "Breakup Sex" are vivid and direct, pushing the singer-songwriter past a layer that many current pop singers are afraid to explore.

The LA native stopped by our studio for an exclusive photoshoot and interview about her latest project.

Congrats on the EP! So, I have to ask. How much of “Fuck You Matthew” is fact and how much is fiction?
Thank you so much! Candidly, it’s pretty much all fact. The only piece of fiction is that I never dated a Matthew. That just sounded better than my ex's real name.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

Where did “Unfinished Business” come from? Did you set out to make a tearjerker breakup song?
I feel like I’m always writing about exes, but that song came from a very specific recent breakup that I was going through. We wrote the song in 15 minutes and all of the emotions just poured out. It was crazy.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

How much do you think about genre and style when you put together a track?
I always follow my instincts when I’m writing, so I don’t really think about genre and style too much. When it comes to music and lyrics, I just do what feels right.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

I love the production on "AT LEAST I’M GOOD AT IT." It’s a really nice mix of hip-hop beats and rock guitar. Was it as complicated to make as it sounds?
That was actually such a fun track to make! Alec absolutely crushed it. He is such an amazing producer and is such a gem to work with. His work on the song was a work of genius.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

When did music shift from something fun to something to take seriously?
During quarantine I decided that I wanted to put a plan together and actually start releasing music. That was a big turning point for me. I’ve been writing since I was five years old and music has been my passion for my entire life, but I remember waking up and making the decision that I’m going to share it with everyone.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

Who do you look up to and think, I want their career?
I really look up to Halsey and Dua Lipa.

So far you’ve stayed independent. How has this worked to your advantage?
It’s been amazing. I write 12 songs a week and I really like to be able to have my hands on every single step of the process. Staying independent has let me maintain that control and choose the kind of music I want to make as well as releasing it as often as I am.

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

Your personal style is so adventurous and fun. Where do you get your looks and who inspires you aesthetically?
Thank you so much. I love playing around with colors and patterns. I love all of the sparkles and bedazzles of course as well. I honestly get my looks from all over the place. I love to go thrift shopping and also just find random websites online. I also like to make a lot myself. In terms of inspiration it’s not about a specific person but more about seeing a vibe and resonating with it. I know my own taste very well. You should see my Pinterest boards!

NERIAH by Jordan Edwards

What’s something you listen to that would surprise people?
I love The Eagles.

So do I. specifically Hotel California.

NERIAH – F You Matthew (Official Music Video)

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