Last year, former Goat Girl member Naima Bock struck out on her own with a debut solo single called “30 Degrees.” In February, she returned with “Every Morning.” Turns out the latter was a precursor to a debut album called Giant Palm. It’s out at the beginning of July.

Along with the announcement, Bock has shared the album’s opener and title track. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“Giant Palm” was written collaboratively by myself and Joel Burton (who arranged and produced the whole album), I wrote the vocal melody and lyrics and he wrote the instrumentation. The recording process was limited (which I always find the most creatively productive way to record) by what we had in Joel’s room and recorded during the summer of 2020, resulting in mostly electronic instruments apart from the acoustic guitar. The vocals were later recorded by my dad, Victor Bock. We named the album after this song as it was the one that most reflected our collaboration as musicians and the innocence and freedom that characterised the making of the record.

“Giant Palm” also comes with a video directed by Max McLachlan, who Bock said “projected the contrast of elevation and submission that is present in the song into a physical visual format. I’ve struggled to express in writing the meaning of this song so I feel it is best to leave the listener to make of it what they will. It’s a deeply personal song which means it can be reflected in whichever way one feels they want it to be.” Check it out below.

01 “Giant Palm”
02 “Toll”
03 “Every Morning”
04 “Dim Dum”
05 “Working”
06 “Natural”
07 “Campervan”
08 “Enter The House”
09 “Instrumental”
10 “O Morro”

Giant Palm is out 7/1 via Sub Pop/Memorials Of Distinction.