Big Star and Guided By Voices are two of the greatest, most influential guitar-pop groups in underground rock history. Today the latter has paid tribute to the former with a new single. Five minutes long and comprising multiple non-repeated sections, it feels almost like several GBV songs stitched together.

“Alex Bell” takes its title from Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, the genius songwriters who helmed Big Star through three cult classic LPs in the 1970s. I could definitely hear this deeply catchy riff repository fitting in on one of those albums, though it’s got plenty of signature Robert Pollard swagger as well. “I see you around every time there’s a ghost in town,” Pollard sings at the song’s finale.

“Alex Bell” will be backed by another new track called “Focus On The Flock” on an upcoming 7″. Hear the A-side below via Brooklyn Vegan and let us know how it stacks up to the ultimate Big Star tribute song, the Replacements’ “Alex Chilton.”

“Alex Bell” b/w “Focus On The Flock” is out 9/30 on Pollard’s Rockathon Records.