We are just weeks away from Mitski‘s new album, The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We. Ahead of the upcoming release, Mitski has shared two new songs.

On the extraterrestrial “Star,” Mistki delivers chilling, ghostly lines over an organ, as she describes the feeling of holding onto a special love throughout various universes and phases.

“That love is like a star/ It’s gone, we just see it shining /’Cause it’s traveled very far, I’ll / Keep a leftover light / Burning /So you can keep looking up / I am yours no matter,” sings Mitski.

On the reflective “Heaven,” Mitski finds a glimpse of hope amid heartbreak, as she delivers angelic vocals over a triumphant orchestra.

“Now I bend like a willow thinking of you / Like a murmuring brook curving about you / As I sip on the rest of the coffee you left / A kiss left of you / Heaven, heaven, heaven,” she sings.

This mystical pair of songs comes by way of production and collaboration with arranger and conductor Drew Erickson and a full orchestra at Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

You can listen to “Star” and “Heaven” above.

The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We is out 9/15 via Dead Oceans. Find more information here.