“And then adding on top of that, doing my first show and coming to a festival, it was a lot. But it actually gives you a sense of purpose again, moving and coming back out into reality and seeing people.”

Bibi said he had to “isolate” because of the treatment, adding: “So getting back out into the world and connecting with human beings is a good feeling.”


The artist, who took his mother to Coachella for her first festival, explained that he was “physically well” currently, and taking things “day by day”.

“It’s just a kind of a mental processing,” Bibi said, “just kind of mentally catching up on everything that I’ve been through. Because I think when you get into a really intense situation, you kind of go into fight or flight mode.”

He continued: “And you just have to get through that moment and period of time and you’re not really processing everything that’s happening to you.”

Sharing a clip from his set on social media, Bibi wrote: “One life, live it.”

On April 1, he wrote on X/Twitter: “Fresh out hospital coming to rock @coachella next week🇺🇸👹. I still don’t have hair, body hurts & immune systems wacked…but it’s not gonna stop my groove.”

Bibi won’t be returning for Coachella 2024’s second edition this week, as he is on doctor’s orders to rest.

In July, however, he’ll bring his huge ‘One Life’ gig to Finsbury Park in London. The upcoming event is billed as the biggest electronic show to take place in the capital.