Jake Diab, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Autumn Kings, joined Loudwire Nights on Tuesday (April 16) to discuss the band’s latest song, “Sleep When I’m Dead,” and what’s on the horizon.

“2024 is lots of new music,” he told host Chuck Armstrong with the utmost confidence.

“We have six or seven fully finished new productions that people haven’t heard yet. Expect some touring in the fall — not 100-percent, but that’s what we’re looking at.”

Diab admitted that Autumn Kings have been doing things on their own for so long as independent artists that they’re looking forward to building a team around them.

“[We’re having] conversations with labels and agents and different sorts of people,” he explained.

“We’re working with our management to feel through all that so that we can make this thing as efficient as possible when we get on the road and tour. Right now, for us, we’re just focused deeply on writing the best songs we can and stacking up the unreleased material to be released ASAP.”

Autumn Kings + Linkin Park

Much of the excitement for the future of the band stems from the recent success of their latest single, “Sleep When I’m Dead,” a powerful track that highlights Autumn Kings’ deep love for bands like Linkin Park.

“When they came up in the early-2000s, they took chances that I think went beyond what any of their contemporaries were [doing],” Diab admitted.

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He explained that even though he and his bandmates are typically very optimistic people, when they sit down to write music, they lean toward more serious and heavy themes.

“I think Linkin Park did that so freaking well.”

What Else Did Autumn Kings’ Jake Diab Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • How he and co-vocalist Joe Coccimiglio first connected and bonded over music — and why it took some time for them to finally jam together
  • Why “Sleep When I’m Dead” is autobiographical for Diab and the band
  • What it was about Metallica that got him into music when he was a teenager

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