Lil Baby has announced the follow-up to 2020’s mega-huge My Turn. It’s called It’s Only Me, and it’s coming in October. The announcement arrives just hours after the release of new single “Detox,” a produced-by-committee trap number that meshes well with his Auto-Tuned bluesy quiver. “One life, two kids, three houses, 4 Gang, five hundred for a show/ Six rings, MJ, seven days, n****s weak, eight cars I don’t drive,” he raps. “Nine time out of ten I’ma be the one to win/ Runnin’ up a lot of shit, gotta get ’em ‘fore the summer end.” In the video, Baby boxes, oversees a yoga class, supervises an office, and generally asserts the authority you’d expect from one of the most popular rappers in the world. Watch below.

It’s Only Me is out 10/14 on Capitol/Motown/Wolfpack/Quality Control.