Earlier this month, the New Orleans duo Lawn announced a new EP called Bigger Sprout. At the time, they also shared a new song called “Down.” Today, they’re back with another one.

Lawn’s latest is called “Night Life.” Rui DeMagalhaes takes lead vocals on this one, and provided this backstory:

I was at a bar in DC shortly before the pandemic started when I met this washed up dude who said he had been a live tech for Todd Rundgren. A few drinks in, he went on a tirade against what he perceived as “weak manners” among millennials and Gen Z musicians, saying that we’ve gotten lazy and soft. He offered to show me around his favorite dives, saying that he was in a constant search of the night life. The song is written from the perspective of a character loosely based on him, a Don Quixote-like figured who has overstayed his welcome but is oblivious to this.

On an added note, he complained that Rundgren fired him for being a booze hound and an overall liability. He still seemed pretty resentful about losing the gig, but also played in a Rundgren cover band around the area. To be honest, I don’t know how truthful this man was, but I suppose it does not matter.

Check it out below.

Bigger Sprout is out 7/15 via Born Yesterday. Pre-order it here.