The San Antonio band Amygdala makes vast, epic hardcore punk that sounds like worlds exploding. Amygdala’s 2019 album Our Voices Will Soar Forever was my favorite hardcore album of that year. The band hasn’t released a full-length since then, but they got together with Richmond’s Listless to release a truly awesome split LP last year. Today, Amygdala have announced a new two song single that’s coming out next month, and they’ve shared the first of those songs.

This new Amygdala record is called Besitos Para Todos Mis Haters — Spanish for “kisses for all my haters” — and the song that they’ve shared is a bloody-eyed two-minute destroyer called “Darvo.” It’s a full-on stadium-crust blitz with a spleen-rupturing breakdown. The lyrics roar down judgment: “You’re a rat, tail tangled in a trap/ You only care about yourself/ There’s room for no one else.” Check it out below.

Besitos Para Todos Mis Haters is out 6/26, so that’s presumably when we’ll get to hear “Resilient Minds // We Shall Rise,” the other track.