Lamp Of Murmuur is a one-person black metal act out of LA helmed by an anonymous musician known only as M. For new album Saturnian Bloodstorm, he’s traded out the lo-fi production quality for arena-scale clarity while maintaining the essence of the genre. Today’s new single “Seal Of The Dominator” builds something spooky and theatrical around a spine of ferocious power chords. Previously released album opener “Conqueror Beyond the Frenzied Fog” is similarly intense, coming straight at you with blast beats and frayed-edge distortion. It’s black metal that sounds like it could cross over without incorporating shoegaze elements or whatever. Dig into it below.

Saturnian Bloodstorm is out 3/26 on Night Of The Palemoon/Not Kvlt in the US and Argento/Wolves Of Hades in the EU.