Kero Kero Bonito’s Sarah Midori Perry (aka Sarah Bonito) has unveiled a new solo project called Cryalot, which she previously used as a DJ name. In August, she’ll release Cryalot’s debut EP, Icarus, which was produced by KKB touring member Jennifer Walton. Today, she’s releasing her first single, “Hell Is Here,” which alternates between being aggressive and ominously sweet.

“‘Hell Is Here’ is about defeat; it depicts the part of the Icarus story after he descends into the sea,” Perry shared in a statement. “It explores this feeling of despair and powerlessness. Our world can twist so suddenly into a place where our reasons to live bring us no joy anymore. Nothing is the same… and it won’t be the same again. Hell is not below us, it’s here.”

Check out a video for the track below.

The Icarus EP is out 8/26 via AWAL.