At last, Jung Kook’s debut album, Golden is finally here. With his debut album, the BTS member is setting the stage for a promising career in pop stardom, both sonically and visually. In celebration of releasing his hotly-anticipated solo record, Jung Kook has shared a new single, “Standing Next To You.”

Continuing the exciting loving feeling established in his Latto collab, “Seven,” while touching on the rhythmic elements of his Jack Harlow collab, “3D,” Jung Kook’s new song, “Standing Next To You,” features the singer making a profession of love over a groovy, ’80s-inspired pop track.

“Standing next to you / Standing in the fire next to you, oh / You know it’s deeper than the rain / It’s deeper than the pain / When it’s deep like DNA / Somethin’ they can’t take away,” sings Jung Kook on the song’s chorus.

In the song’s accompanying video, directed by Tanu Muino, Jung Kook shows off his dance moves in various apocalyptic settings. As the world falls apart around him and his crew, he will stop at nothing to be united with the woman he loves.

You can see the video for “Standing Next To You” above.

Golden is out now via BIGHIT. Find more information here.

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