A few years ago, Becca Kauffman started performing as the alter ego Jennifer Vanilla while they were still in the art-rock band Ava Luna. JV has become Kauffman’s main concern over the past couple years, resulting in a lot of stray singles and 2019’s J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP. Last month, they shared a single, “Body Music,” and today they’re announcing a whole Jennifer Vanilla album, Castle In The Sky, out in August. Kauffman wrote and produced it with their longtime collaborator Brian Abelson.

“That’s what the process of living inside of an alias has been for me, a way to identify the vision, see where you’re at, and close the gap,” Kauffman explained of the project. “I started Jennifer Vanilla so I could learn in front of people, and display a kind of curiosity and openness which I would probably be far too fearful to do without the cover of an alternate identity. It’s a distinctly Jennifer kind of courage to be curious out loud in this exhibitionistic way.”

Today, Jennifer Vanilla is sharing a video for new single “Take Me For A Ride.” Check it out below.

01 “Jennifer Calling”
02 “Take Me For A Ride’
03 “Jennifer Pastoral”
04 “Body Music”
05 “Humility’s Disease”
06 “Jenny’s Ladder”
07 “Cool Loneliness”
08 “Castle In The Sky”

Castle In The Sky is out 8/5 via Sinderlyn.