Jack White is releasing two albums this year, Fear Of The Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive, with a few months in between them. We’ve heard one track from each: “Taking Me Back” from the former and “Love Is Selfish” from the latter. And today White is back with the title track from Fear Of The Dawn, the album that will be arriving first.

In a new GQ profile, White talked about how he’s gotten back into upholstery again — if you’ll recall, White used to hide records in items that he upholstered. “You have to learn like a thousand different tasks,” he said of his pastime. “You have to basically be a carpenter, you have to know about fabrics, you in turn end up being a de facto interior designer by the end of it, you need to know how to sew like a seamstress. I mean, you’re turning all these disparate fields into one package. It’s wild.”

Check out “Fear Of The Dawn” below.

Fear Of The Dawn is out 4/8 and Entering Heaven Alive is out 7/22, both via Third Man Records.