For those who didn’t know, Taylor Swift is gearing up to drop 1989 (Taylor’s Version) as her next re-recording in October. Like her previous releases, she has included vault tracks to encourage fans to stream the ones she owns.

To tease the mystery tracklist reveal of the new songs that will be on 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Swift is using Google for a puzzle that pops up when you search her name. While fans are currently unscrambling the words that connect to Swift’s past, one caught people’s attention: “Sagittarius.”

While this is Swift’s star sign, it also might be a clue for a collaboration with Nicki Minaj being included on the album. The two performers have been friends for a while. However, recently, they’ve seemed to be dropping a lot of references to the fact that they’re both fire signs.

Back in August, Minaj reacted to her and Swift being the only female artists to have over 100 Billboard Hot 100 entries. “Fighting the urge to say Sagittarius ting right now so bad,” she tweeted.

At the 2023 MTV VMAs just a few days ago, Swift also referred to Minaj as her “favorite Sagittarius.” And she does love a good Easter egg.

Only time will tell if Nicki Minaj is on Taylor Swift’s 1989 re-recording, though. Hopefully the vault opens soon.

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