At some point in the careers of most big-name music acts, they endeavor a bizarre period of rumors that they’ve joined the mysterious secret society. Some think Rihanna, Kanye West, and Madonna could be in The Illuminati, for instance. Others have even been accused of making a human sacrifice or selling their soul to the devil for their success. For Doja Cat, instead of ignoring the whispers, she’s leaned into them hard, so much so that people are now asking: Is Doja Cat a Satanist?

At the beginning of May, the rapper shared that while visiting New York City for the Met Gala 2023, she dropped by the famous Bang Bang Tattoo studio. The result was a full-width anatomical bat piece on her back. Fans flooded the rapper’s comment section, deeming the work demonic. To that, she replied, “Your fear is not my problem,” as she provided a breakdown of the inspiration behind the art.

Forever a troll at heart, Doja poked fun at the outrage by dressing as a horned character during her YouTube Brandcast 2023 performance later that month. Her then album’s title, Hell Mouth, which has since been renamed to Scarlet, surely didn’t help claim the fan-inflicted hysteria.

On August 4, Doja followed the project’s lead single, “Attention,” with “Paint The Town Red.” In the official video for the record, Doja is featured alongside the Grim Reaper. She even appears in full black body paint, blackout pupils, and horns. Doja then repeated the look with a few minor adjustments on her upcoming single’s “Demons” cover art. But paired with her new scythe tattoo behind her ear, fans believe she’s fully embraced the dark side.

Doja remains unbothered by the criticism, writing on her Instagram Stories, “Y’all so b*tchmade you probably couldn’t make it through an episode of ‘Goosebumps’, f*ckin p*ssies.”

In 2018, Doja Cat spoke with The Fader, about her upbringing practicing Hinduism. Overall, Doja hasn’t confirmed or denied if she’s a card-carrying member of the Church Of Satan, but she is having fun stringing users online along.

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