Here’s something confusing: Irreal, the punk band from Barcelona, has nothing to do with Canal Irreal, the punk band from Chicago led by Martin Sorrondeguy of Los Crudos and Limp Wrist. Both bands make punk rock and sing in Spanish — “Irreal” is Spanish for “unreal” — but the Barcelona Irreal sound a whole lot more like Los Crudos than like Canal Irreal. The Barcelona Irreal make raw, furious, straight-ahead hardcore punk, and their forthcoming album should be an absolute ripper.

Irreal have already released the 2019 mini-album Fi Del Mon, as well as a self-titled 2020 EP. This summer, they’ll follow those records with Era Electrónica — Spanish for “electronic age” — and they’ve just shared three absolutely nasty new songs from that record. The longest of those songs is two minutes long, so this eight-track LP should be a total sprint. All three of the new songs are frantic, fired-up D-beat of the highest order. Below, listen to “Desorden,” “Prensa Maldita,” and the record’s title track.

Era Electrónica is out 7/15 on La Vida Es Un Musos Discos.