Canadian artist Ava Kay has dropped her latest single, “Wild Again.”

Produced alongside Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen), the tune is drenched in atmosphere, giving you all the feels. The haunting song is a reel of Kay’s flow of her consciousness, giving us an unguarded peak into her heart.

Augmenting her undeniably beautiful voice is the production and lyricism, which are cinematic in scope. “Wild Again” is a worthy contribution to Kay’s impressive catalog, which already boasts over 40 million streams. If you don’t already know this artist, then get to know Ava Kay now.

POPDUST: You describe your sound as “cinematic pop,” and it is incredibly moving. What do you want people to experience when listening to “Wild Again”?

Thank you so much. “Wild Again” is about fleeting moments in time and rushes we experience. Enjoy life when it gives you its rises, and expect the fall: getting wrapped into a deep romance that will never last [and[ bittersweet exhilaration. I hope people experience these senses when they hear this song and get lost in the moment of it.

You worked with Ryan Stewart on the production, who is known for his work with the likes of Carly Rae Jepson. How was your experience working with him?

I met Ryan when I was asked to do writing for another artist out in his Vancouver studio a few years ago. You can hear Ryan’s musicality and talent instantly, and he also has an incredible work ethic, which makes him a real star to collaborate with. Specifically for “Wild Again,” we did production together online, and Ryan was seamlessly in tune with my vision. I’m very thankful he contributed to this song.

So far you have worked alongside industry professionals, including Grammy award-winning producer Afrojack, Britain’s Got Talent/Eurovision finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy, and multi-platinum artist Raghav. Who’s your dream artist to collaborate with and why?

My dream dream would be to work with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. I love how Eddie performs his songs…[and] the conviction in his delivery, both on the records and live. Lyrically, he tells stories that you just feel in the gut.

What music were you inspired by or listening to a lot during the creative process of making “Wild Again”?

There was a serious mix of genres for sure. Some songs that I remember being on repeat were “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” (Caroline Polachek), “Worst in Me” (Julia Michaels) and “Manifesto” (Chilly Gonzales), to name a few.

Can you talk about the inspiration behind the lyrics for “Wild Again?”

The lyrics for this song stem from watching some YouTube videos of summer and surfers. It inspired a conversation between my co-writer and myself on the topics of feeling a rush, chasing dreams, falling in love, fleeting moments… The song, I suppose, could be compared to a surf. It is an unsustainable rush, and you just wait until the next wave comes along.

During the writing process, do you have a specific creative style, or is every song written differently?

My creative style is always to start on the piano. It’s as though my vocals and lyrical ideas do not generate unless I am simultaneously playing the piano.

What’s next for Ava Kay?

I’m currently in the post-production stage on the video for “Wild Again,” which you can expect in a few weeks, and I’m working on releasing my next single, “Go,” and an EP release will follow shortly thereafter.

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