The Toronto duo Intensive Care makes hard, squalling, intense music. It’s rooted in hardcore and metal, but band members Andrew Nolan and Ryan Bloomer also rely on electronics and dense, clanking industrial noises. Intensive Care have been making music since 2016, and they’ve put out a bunch of EPs, including splits with Unearthly Trance and Full Of Hell. Now, they’re getting ready to unleash their first full-length.

Intensive Care wrote and recorded their new LP That We Be Made Worthy in their Toronto home studios over 2020 and 2021. First single “Behind Every Closed Door” is a piece of hard, feverish noise-rock, and if you’re into that great new Chat Pile album, it might speak to you. Andrew Nolan says that the song is inspired by his time working at a harm reduction center for houseless people: “Six months after I left the job, I realized I had this underlying trauma. Every single time I opened a door, I would get flashes of a corpse on the other side, because that’s what I was constantly finding.” Below, check out “Behind Every Closed Door” and the That We Be Made Worthy tracklist.

01 “The Promises Of Christ
02 “Behind Every Closed Door”
03 “Our Fault”
04 “Incisors”
05 “O Blessed Tongue”
06 “Taxonomy of Rats”
07 “Beds of Pain”
08 “Whatever You Give Away at Death”
09 “At The Foot of the Mountain”

That We Be Made Worthy is out 9/23 on Closed Casket Activities.