Cool girl island recently came out with a brand new single titled “do not disturb” (airplane mode). The emotive, minimalistic track is themed around the beautiful notion of enjoying one’s own company and learning to not feel lonely while being alone. The talented singer-songwriter has already found that sweet spot of falling in love with spending time with herself and is now sharing this powerful message with her audience. 

Cool girl island is a singer-songwriter born in suburban California and raised in Taipei before living many years in London and finally relocating to Brooklyn, New York where she currently resides. Cool girl island’s most popular single to date is “inside(out)” with tens of thousands of streams, which is also the first original song she ever recorded. Inspired by music legends like Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra, cool girl island is set to share more fresh music that is both elegant and timeless. So keep an eye out for this awesome rising artist!