Each year, Spotify listeners wait to see their Wrapped lists of their most-played songs and artists. As the countdown is slowly approaching when it comes to tracking streams for it, new users might be wondering how they can see their reveals this year.

Here’s what to know.

Getting to see your Spotify Wrapped is typically possible by opening the app on your phone. From there, the app will give you a pop-up with the chance to view it. Last year, it came with a big full-screen alert that read, “Your 2022 Spotify Wrapped is here. Reveal your #1 artist, top songs, minutes listened, and so much more.”

And, if you happened to ignore the alert, or not receive one at all, you can visit the URL spotify.com/wrapped — and if your app is downloaded/up-to-date, it should bring it back on your phone instantly.

Last year also saw the release of a few new fun added features to the Spotify Wrapped, including telling you what “musical listening personality” you have — similar to the Myers-Briggs labeling test or astrology. In total, users were sorted into one of the sixteen categories based on whether they explore for new artists, listen to classic songs, tend to repeat the same tracks, and more aspects.

While it’s still TBD when exactly this year’s will be out, Spotify has been consistent with when Wrapped is unveiled, so it should be quite soon.

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