Good Cult is a new true-crime podcast from Kast Media. Over the course of six episodes, host River Donaghey is investigating Lifespring, a cult-like self-help seminar he grew up enmeshed in. According to promotional materials for the podcast, Lifespring was founded by John Hanley, a convicted felon and con artist turned self-styled New Age guru; his program attracted millions of committed participants, including Donaghey’s parents, but also led to dozens of lawsuits citing psychotic breaks and, in a few cases, deaths resulting from Hanley’s unorthodox methods.

The theme song for this show is by Spencer Fox and Sam Hendricks, members of the great Brooklyn pop-rock band Charly Bliss. It does not sound like Charly Bliss, though. It sounds like podcast music. As it should. Hear the theme song below, and check out the first episode of Good Cult here if you wish.