Ghost Orchard, the bedroom pop project of Michigan-based Sam Hall, has announced a new album, Rainbow Music, the follow-up to 2019’s Bunny. It comes on the heels of his Taylor Swift cover from a few months ago. Lead single “Bruise” is chirping and warm, Hall’s voice muted and pinched: “Blue like a bruise when you lay down,” he sings. “Clumsy, confused, but it’ll turn around and look at me.” Check it out below.

01 “Rest’
02 “Jessamine”
03 “Cursive”
04 “Maisy”
05 “Cut”
06 “Soot”
07 “Memory Storage”
08 “Dancing”
09 “Bruise”
10 “Sweet Song”
11 “Comfort (Rainbow)”

Rainbow Music is out 11/4 via Winspear.