Soon, Toronto singer-songwriter (and former backup singer for Alessia Cara) Georgia Harmer will release her debut album, Stay In Touch. We’ve heard singles “Headrush,” “All In My Mind,” “Austin,” and “Talamanca,” and now here’s one more before the album release: “Top Down,” which also has a video.

According to Harmer, “Top Down” is “about feeling frustrated by my own powerlessness.” She adds: “It’s about feeling very young and small, and not being able to control or change anything happening around me, in my personal life, and in the bigger picture. I was trying to help a friend out of a dark place, and struggling with my own type of dark place that goes along with coming of age and wondering – what exactly is my role in this big, sad, beautiful world?”

Watch and listen below.

Stay In Touch is out 4/22 via Arts & Crafts.