Atlanta, GA – The saga continues for Future and Eliza Reign, his alleged sixth mother of an 11-month old daughter, regarding their two-year drama and subsequent child support case.

Reign, whose real last name is Seraphin, and her attorney are attempting to have the “March Madness” creator to pay $53,754 per month for the baby and its mother’s living expenses, according to court documents obtained by Bossip.

The amount Seraphin and her lawyer are seeking through from a Florida family court is based on Future’s reported earnings of $19.5 million, which listed him in the “Highest Paid Hip Hop Acts” Forbes article published in September 2019.

In February, Future filed a downward detion that $450 per month would suffice according to a financial affidavit that details Seraphin’s monthly expenses which she filed in court.

In addition, Future filed papers in an attempt to prevent himself from being ordered to disclose his income and taking a paternity test, which the judge in the case order for him to do both.

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Future cited that doing so would do “material injury and irreparable harm” if they were became accessible to the public.

He accused her of being obsessed with him and having ulterior motives of becoming pregnant to give birth to a “check baby” to extort money from him.

His attorney echoed the sentiment of his Atlanta trap music superstar client’s reproach to Seraphin, accusing her of leaking details to major media outlets and risks the possibility of Future’s personal information becoming widely publicized against his will.

The judge has yet to rule on the motions from both parties.