Jon Bon Jovi revealed the last song he’d sing if his performing career is drawing to a close – and admitted it wasn’t what most people would expect.

His future remains in doubt after he underwent vocal cord surgery in 2022. He previously explained that, while he’d been able to track upcoming Bon Jovi album Forever by taking his time, he still hoped to “do two-and-a-half hours a night four nights a week for months on end” – but he didn’t know if he’d ever be able to.

Asked by Classic Rock to choose one last song to perform, Bon Jovi replied: “Oh my God – just one? That puts me on the spot!”

He continued: “The first one that came to mind would be ‘These Days,’ which I guess nobody would ever think.” He quoted some of the lyrics: These days, the stars seem out of reach /These days, there ain’t a ladder on the streets / These days are fast, nothing lasts in this graceless age / There ain’t nobody left but us these days, adding: “I think that sort of encapsulates where I am at this moment in time.”

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Why Bon Jovi Documentary Series is So Honest

Documentary series Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story airs this week, which the frontman said aimed to be as honest as possible about his band’s history. “It was uncomfortable,” he allowed. “But all I’ve ever wanted to sell was the truth, and so if you’re not gonna show it warts and all, don’t bother.

“Once I had realized that I’d handed the reins to [director] Gotham Chopra and his producer and editor, I was solely focused on writing a record, and then this unexpected health issue that I had to deal with.

“So the last thing I was considering was, ‘How’s this documentary going?’ I had bigger fish to fry.”

Bon Jovi, “These Days”

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