Hi Danielle, we loved your new EP “Refreshing” and would like for you to tell us more about it.

  1. What does this project mean to you?

With my two singles “refresh me” and “tight rope”, I really wanted to express the fallout of love and the hardships we have all experienced. In addition, I really put a lot of heart and work into refining my style and the sound of the singles so that they would not only reflect my tastes and inspirations, but also bring forth a new and unique sound. 

  1. The EP is themed around love and moving on. Is there anything else you could tell us about that?

The song “refresh me” is about having someone stuck on your mind. Someone you can’t seem to shake or get over. Someone you wish you could just move on from. I always wished there was some way to just hit “refresh” and just start with a clean slate and move on.

“tight rope” pulls from young love, actually inspired by my younger sister.  A story she told me really brought me flashbacks of times when liking someone fickle – they like you one moment and the next it’s like you’re back in the friend zone. You always feel like you’re walking a fine line, a tight rope :), when talking to them because you never know if they’re back into you or not.

  1. What’s different about the two songs in this album as opposed to your other creations?

In these two works, I really spent a lot of time trying to define my style. As a newer artist, I’m still working on combining the sounds and artists that inspire me and making them my own. My previous works are more pop rock. However, I saw “refresh me” as an opportunity to incorporate a more electronic feel, since I was playing off of a browser’s refresh. “tight rope” has electronic components, but definitely harks more from a rock/grunge inspiration. I’m really proud of really pushing the boundaries of what I thought I wanted and what I could do. This has really shaped the type of music I want to create going forward!

  1. What exciting new projects are you working on that fans can expect to hear soon?

I’m in the very early stages of two new singles that will definitely pull in the electronic rock feel. In addition, I’m hoping to release an animated music video for one of the songs. I’m a huge fan of animation and really want to bring that in to help define my style.

  1. Name some musicians who impacted your style most.

This is definitely not an inclusive list, but my rock influence definitely pulls from 90s/2000s grunge and rock: Green Day, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41 & Avril Lavigne. Though I feel my lyrical style is strongly influenced by artists Alanis Morissette & Evanescence. As I grow and refine my style, I’m definitely leaning towards more electronic rock inspirations like Daft Punk and Linkin Park.

  1. Do you believe music can help change the status quo?

Absolutely. Art, in general, is so inspirational and impactful. It can inspire revolutions. I’m a huge fan of punk music, which was founded to go against the status quo. Even the music industry’s status quo; it’s not about how good you play, it’s about the passion and message. Artists always push the boundaries of social norm and embolden their listeners to do the same.

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