Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the world is a bit of a mess right now.

One of the lesser crises that a lot of young people are dealing with is the challenge of moving back in with their parents. For the first time in modern history, more than half of American adults age 18-29 are living with their parents.

As frustrating as it can be to deal with all your parents’ quirks and rules like you’re a teenager again, when the alternative is paying insane rent to be locked down in a tiny box of an apartment… maybe it’s not such a bad deal. But of course, not every young person is faced with that dilemma. For people who make their living off of vlogs and 15-second lip-syncing dance clips, there is an alternative that sounds like a dream come true: the “content house.”

Imagine sharing a giant, luxury mansion with your best friends while you all work together on whatever crazy projects you can come up with. Sounds great, right? But now imagine that you and all your friends are also preening narcissists who are constantly looking for new ways to get attention. Now you’re living in a true content house.

These houses serve the dual purpose of bringing large groups of creators together to collaborate on their videos, and also to give them a space to glorify absurd levels of wealth. So, if you just want to fantasize about living in excessive luxury, or if you want to hate-watch and fantasize about smacking the smug off the face of some college-aged millionaires, check out these 10 ridiculous houses. Starting with…

Jet House

The Jet House is home to a group of British TikTok stars who and have fled the UK to live in Spain, and have set up shop in a 10 bedroom, $1 million mansion in Spain. The house boasts mountain views, a pool, a hot tub, a tiki bar a giant Buddha statue, a $5000 dining table, and a guest house.

And is it any wonder they were able to afford such luxury with massive names like Olivia Duffin, Charlie Davis, Nicholas Murray, and Georgie Rubery?! And if you’ve never heard of any of them…join the club.

GOAT House

The GOAT House—also referred to as the GO House—is a $2.2 million modernist mansion located in Dublin Ireland. With three floors, numerous courtyards, a chef’s kitchen, a pool table, a home theater, a rooftop deck, the house is home to 10 young content creators—the most famous being TikTok couple Andrea Camila and Lewis Kelly, who have over 5 million followers on the platform.

Triller House

Previously set up in Sway House—AKA Sway LA, seven former TikTok stars who call themselves the Sway Boys have recently been snapped up by a competing app known as Triller, and are now living in an even more over-the-top mansion in the LA area.

Ranging in age from 17 to 21, Bryce Hall, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, and the other Sway boys are possibly the broiest bros in all of brodom. But rather than going to college and joining a frat where they can bro-down and lift weights with their bros, they sell merch for “Party Animal University” where fans can join “Beta Gamma” frat.

As a result of that ingenuity, they are now set up in an enormous house with marble floors, a massive pool and hot tub with a pool house, room for their luxury vehicles and weight sets, and multiple bathrooms larger than entire apartments. When they aren’t flexing their muscles, they’re flexing the insane excesses of their lifestyle.

Not a Content House

The so-called “Not a Content House” is—believe it or not—a content house. With major TikTok stars Madi Monroe, Lauren Kettering, Devyn Winkler, and more all sharing a Beverly Hills mansion, it’s important to have a massive hot tub, a marble fireplace, a wet bar, and an indoor-outdoor elevator.

Team 10 House

YouTube star Jake Paul is known for a lot of things—filming riots, setting fire to furniture, making horrible “rap” music for pre-teens, and being the Paul brother who didn’t film a hanged man’s corpse in Japan (so, technically he’s the good one). But Jake Paul may not be properly recognized for launching the trend of content houses.

Back in 2017, when Paul purchased his $6.9 million mansion in Calabasas with 9 of his content creator friends—AKA Team 10—did he know he was starting a (horrifyingly ostentatious) movement? The three-story home features a 4-car garage, a sauna, a steam room, a huge gym, a multi-level, landscaped pool and hot tub area, and an elevator. All of which was recently raided by the FBI amid rumors that underage girls have been drugged and assaulted at Paul’s house parties

Sidemen House

While Jake Paul’s Team 10 house deserves credit for inspiring the boom in content houses, it was not the first. The group of British YouTubers known as the Sidemen moved into their 15,000 square foot, $8.5 million mansion in Bromley in 2016, and put the property to good use.

As if the indoor pool, sauna, steam room, gym, home theater, and elevator weren’t enough, at various points the group—including Simon Minter (Miniminter), “JJ” Olatunji (KSI), and Joshua Bradley (Zerkaa) variously installed a ball pit, a boxing ring, and a miniature, astroturf soccer field.

Clout House

The Clout House was one of the first competitors for the Team 10 House in 2017, and as such, they had to take it to the next level. The four-story, $15 million LA mansion was shared by e-sports celebrity FaZe Banks, YouTuber RiceGum, and TikTok star Matt McKenley among others.

The Clout House featured a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a gym, a game room, a dual kitchen, an elevator, and a massive conference area with seating for 20—presumably to discuss the serious business of making Internet videos. The Clout House split up in early 2020, but it will live on forever in our hearts.

Hype House

With a fleet of young TikTokers sharing the Hype House, it was important to have amenities like an enormous kitchen that none of them know how to use, a fireplace they shouldn’t be trusted with, and a jacuzzi tub that they filled with coke and mentos.

The $2.6 million, 6-bedroom mansion in Encino, California also featured a pool, a fountain, and two-story windows. With a combined follower count of more than 100 million, TikTok stars from Avani Gregg to Chase Hudson to Charli D’Amelio and others lived and collaborated in the home until earlier this year, when the Hype House moved…into the former Clout House. Told you it would live on.

Wave House

The Wave House is the epitome of what content houses have been building toward. In addition to the excessive luxury, there is an excessive amount of inflated intrigue around the house.

Whoever is behind assembling this crew of minor British TikTok celebrities is trying to set it up as a reality show with cheesy reveals, interpersonal drama, and flashy sequences all taking place in a $6.4 million mansion with an indoor pool, a gym, a spa, 13 acres of land, an apple orchard, a special bath just for washing your dog, and a driveway that is apparently big enough to land a helicopter and put on a pyrotechnic display.

FaZe House

If you were wondering where FaZe Banks went after leaving Clout House, don’t worry, he upgraded… he and his fellow FaZe Clan members recently moved into a $30,000,000 Burbank, CA mansion with a four-car garage, a pool, an in-ground trampoline, multiple guest houses, a lakefront dock, a game room, a salon and massage room, a home studio, multiple bars, and a massive home theater.

Because that’s what you get if you’re really good at video games.

The main thing to keep in mind with all of this is that there’s nothing either disgusting or disturbing about this new model of celebrity that is glorifying insane levels of easily attained luxury for a young audience while tens of millions of Americans face possible eviction… Everything is fine.