This week, the Tacoma Band To Watch Enumclaw are releasing their debut full-length, Save The Baby. We’ve already heard a good chunk of songs from the album — “2002,” “Jimmy Neutron,” “Cowboy Bepop,” and “Park Lodge” — and today we get one more, the shimmering and sentimental “10th and J 2.” “”You should have it quoted/ Say it all the time,” Aramis Johnson sings in its subtly rousing chorus. “I will be I will be/ Who i’m destined to be.”

“10th and J 2 is about the apartment I wrote the album in and how I felt inside of it. I spent more time inside of that apartment than maybe anywhere else in my whole life,” he said in a statement, continuing:

It’s such an important place to me. I spent most of my time in that space trying to come up with this plan to get out of my situation, to try and “make it out” as they say. It took a lot of self reflection and hard work but I knew I could do it. This song is me trying my hardest to be the person I know I’m destined to be.

Watch a video for the track below.

Save The Baby is out 10/14 via Luminelle Recordings.