Philly experimental duo draag me, aka Spirit Of The Beehive’s Zack Schwarz and Corey Wichlin, have announced a new album, lord of the shithouse. Draag me’s last album, Entertainment, Death, came out in 2021, and prior to that, Schwartz released a debut solo album i am gambling with my life under the alias draag me. Featuring Body Meat, CRASHprez, Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo, and Devin McKnight, lord of the shithouse doesn’t have a release date yet but it does have two new singles/videos: “blade in view” featuring Body Meat and “death cult.” The former’s video is an animated one by Ada Babar and the latter is directed by Schwarz.

Watch “blade in view” and “death cult” below.

01 “like a nuisance” (Feat. CRASHprez)
02 “cut the check”
03 “wax figures in the rain”
04 “throwing rocks”
05 “memory 107”
06 “death cult”
07 “faces of vultures”
08 “dangle from the smoke ring”
09 “blade in the view” (Feat. Body Meat)
10 “donny path” (Feat. Pedazo de Carne Con Ojo)
11 “the process” (Feat. Devin McKnight)
12 “nightclub”
13 “following”
14 “lord of the shithouse”
15 “faster now (it’s almost late)”