After months of teasing tracks, several name changes, and a record-setting single, Doja Cat’s latest album, Scarlet, is finally here. Given the pure hellfire, the “Attention” rapper has found herself at the center of her choice in body art, her rumored relationship, and more Doja was sure to address most of it on the project.

While the song “Skull And Bones” addresses fans’ theory that the entertainer is a satanist, on “97,” Doja shares her comments on the massive social media unfollow spree led by former fan pages. In July, she took a jab at supporters that crowned themselves “Kittenz” for the juvenile name choice. Then, she doubled down on the social media app Threads, calling out fan pages for their unhealthy, obsessive behavior. This online rant resulted in over 250,000 users unfollowing the musician on Instagram.

On “97,” which was co-written by Doja Cat, Jay Versace, and Sam Barsh and produced by Barsh and Versace, Doja confesses that she has no regrets. In fact, she encourages more to follow suit to help boost her social media analytics.

“Pull up and they smiley instead (actin’ stupid) / Like they wasn’t tryna fight me in Threads (’bout some music) / In a tweet that I’ma probably still stand by (I’m ruthless) / Keep your money, funky b*tch, ’cause I don’t play about (the rumors) / They gon’ buy it, they gon’ pirate, they gon’ play it, they consume it/ If you’re scootin’ let me know, ’cause that’s a comment, that’s a view / And that’s a rating, that’s some hating, that’s engagement I could use / And I could teach y’all how to do this, but I’d much rather be cruisin’,” rapped Doja on the track’s second verse.

Doja Cat’s relationship with supporters and social media has been extreme over the years. But based on “97,” she has realized that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Her happiness is the most important.

Listen to Doja Cat’s “97” below.

Scarlet is out now via RCA. Find more information here.

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