Denver hardcore band Destiny Bond are about to release their debut album on their hometown Convulse Records. Be My Vengeance, which follows the group’s four-song demo, is dropping in just a few weeks. Today the band is sharing its opening track, a multi-segmented procession called “Chew.” It presents an agile but hard-hitting form of punk rock — less the kind of muscle you get from powerlifting, more the kind of strength that comes from endless reps. Listen below.

1 “Chew”
2 “Worlds Unseen”
3 “Kinetic”
4 “Losin’”
5 “Mosaic”
6 “The Glow”
7 “Headspin”
8 “Papercut”
9 “Blood Chokes”
10 “Harmony”

Be My Vengeance is out 6/23 on Convulse.