A few weeks back we learned that Broadway’s musicians union had filed an official complaint against Here Lies Love, the musical based on David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s album of the same name about the former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos. The play is making its Broadway debut a week from today after various stagings around the world over the past decade or so, and until recently the plan was to forgo the use of live musicians in this production. Shows at the Broadway Theatre are contractually obligated to employ a live band, but the Here Lies Love team was seeking an exception because the story is rooted in karaoke and “track acts.” Producers argued that prerecorded tracks would be more authentic to the music being depicted in the story and that all prior productions of Here Lies Love used prerecorded tracks.

That’s not going to happen. As the New York Times reports, Here Lies Love has reached a deal to use 12 musicians in this production of the show. The producers issued the following statement:

On behalf of our entire cast, company and creative team, we have reached an agreement with Musicians Union Local 802, per the collective bargaining agreement. We look forward to welcoming audiences to experience the revolutionary musical experience that is Here Lies Love at the Broadway Theater beginning on Saturday, June 17.

The union also issued a statement:

After negotiation, we have reached an agreement that will bring live music to Here Lies Love with the inclusion of 12 musicians to the show. Broadway is a very special place with the best musicians and performances in the world, and we are glad this agreement honors that tradition.

Three of the musicians will be members of the cast. The agreement marks a big change from earlier in the conflict, when union spokesman Eric Koch told the press, “Rather than negotiate, David Byrne is trying to break the union.”