Apparently a lot of intense, nostalgic romance goes on in the basement of a lover’s parents’ house. Lucy Dacus released “Hot & Heavy” last month, and one of the most vivid images is: “Heavy memories weighing on my brain/ Hot and heavy in the basement of your parents’ place.” This new song by Claire George from her forthcoming debut The Land Beyond The Light starts with the line: “I just wanna joke around/ Kiss your mouth in the basement of your parents’ house.” Something about being let into someone’s childhood memories, I guess.

“Northern Lights” grapples with a lot of the same themes as Dacus’ ballad, including the passage of time and the way things can look exactly the same but feel completely different. Her vocals are airy and emotional; each lyric is as sharp as a blade. This follows a thread of singles, including last month’s “Pink Elephants,” leading up to her debut album’s release next week.

Listen to “Northern Lights” below.

The Land Beyond The Light arrives 5/21 on Cascine.