Mexican singer Christian Nodal has shared a diss track aimed at J Balvin called “Girasol.” He raps: “I’m going to make you cry… I don’t want to laugh with you, I’m going to laugh at you. You’re a joke, every time you try to sing, every time you time to rap, every time you try to rhyme, poor clown that uses everyone else to be able to connect with people.”

“Girasol” comes a few days after Balvin posted a photo of Nodal with bleached hair and glasses next to a similar photo of himself, captioning: “Find the difference.” Nodal responded by posting the photo to his Instagram Story, writing, “[The difference] is that I do have talent and I can proudly sing songs I’ve written wherever, however and whenever.”

He then posted a video of himself with Residente’s Balvin diss track (which dropped in March) playing in the background. Residente also got in on the current beef by posting a video to his Story and soundtracking it with Nodal’s “Limon Con Sal.” Shortly after, the Colombian singer posted a video directed at Nodal using a filter showing the name of Nodal’s ex-girlfriend, Spanish singer Belinda.

Residente and Balvin’s beef dates back to last fall when the Puerto Rican rapper called Balvin out for “fighting with the Grammys.” Balvin had called for a boycott of the Latin Grammys, which Nodal references: “You’re fighting with the Grammys because you don’t deserve them. Don’t you see that you’re a joke? If you didn’t learn with Resi, I hope you learn with me. I hope this is the last time that someone kicks your ass.”

Listen below.