Cardi B appears to diss Bia on a remix of GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Wanna Be’, released last Friday (May 31).

On the track, the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ artist spared no expense in making her lines targeted. “Guess I’m a teacher since you wanna sub me / She did one had no idea / Thought she was on the shelf Ikea / Hope she talk like that when I see her,” she raps.

Bitch please don’t nobody wanna be her / Cheap lookin’ ass ho, weak lookin’ ass ho / Great Value me lookin’ ass ho / Girl, these bitches be pussy / Delete every tweet lookin’ ass ho”.


Not long after the release of the remix, BIA tweeted on her X profile that reads like a direct response – it appears to begin with a riff on a Cardi B line from her feature on 2019 Offset song ‘Clout’.

In all caps, she writes: “Bitches is wack. Bitches is trash. I should hang bitches right over my knee, the way I be puttin’ my belt to the ass 😂😂😂.”


The ongoing feud between Cardi B and Bia reportedly started last year when Bia addressed rumours about a beef between the two. “I didn’t switch up on anybody because I don’t know Cardi in real life,” BIA said during an Instagram live in March 2023, per Forbes. “I’ve never met Cardi, we’ve never had a conversation. I don’t have no issues with her. It’s all love, but I don’t know her.”

However, the two continued to trade shots – it culminated in a Cardi B freestyle released last March, ‘Like What’, where fans claimed Cardi B’s vocal performance imitated Bia, who responded to a tweet claiming that with “🥴🥴🥴”. Later that day, Cardi B tweeted: “Bitches make a fool of themselves every single time 😂.. ima show ya something when I release this song tho 😉”.

Cardi B last collaborated with GloRilla on 2022’s ‘Tomorrow 2’. On the single’s success, GloRilla told NME: “Cardi is my cousin. I was so happy and excited during the whole creative process. Cardi is a really sweet soul and has such a genuine heart and we come from a similar background, so it was easy to connect. And it was crazy when [‘Tomorrow 2’] hit the charts. I was like, ‘Ah! Ain’t nobody know about me a couple months ago!”

Cardi B is set to release her long-awaited second album sometime this year – while the rapper claimed the contrary in a now-deleted tweet, a representative of hers later confirmed it is scheduled for a 2024 release.


The long-awaited record will serve as the follow-up to her 2018 record-breaking debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’. The LP won Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammys, making her the first-ever solo female act to win the award.

It was reported that – as of March this year – the LP is partially done. However, it didn’t have a title, an intro, features, or a rollout plan, and needed at least three more songs.

“I take my music so fucking seriously that that’s why I don’t put it out,” she said about the six-year delay. “If it’s not perfect to my ear, if every fucking word doesn’t sound like it’s pronounced right, if the beat is overpowering the words or the words is overpowering the beat, I don’t want to put it out.”