The immaculately poppy emo upstarts Camp Trash are nearing the release of their debut album The Long Way, The Slow Way, and today they’re sharing a fourth song from the LP to go along with “Weird Florida,” “Let It Ride,” and”Pursuit.” This one is called “Lake Erie Boys,” and it finds Bryan Gorman bringing his usual mix of bright, clear, gliding melodies and engaging lyrical storytelling. It’s tinged with romantic longing and, as per the title, filled with images of wintry climes: “Found my car covered in snow, so I took the long way home/ Wrapped plastic bags around my feet/ I wanna see the things you see/ The only sounds my steps in snow/ I wanna sing the songs you know.” Watch the song’s music video below.

The Long Way, The Slow Way is out 7/1 on Count Your Lucky Stars. Pre-order it below.