New Brutus. NEW BRUTUS! Get stoked.

The Belgian heavy rock trio, one of the greatest bands in the world in any genre, has not been heard from since the 2020 standalone track “Sand.” But they’ll soon announce the details of their first album since 2019’s brutally majestic Nest. In the meantime they’re giving us access to lead single “Dust,” which rules.

“Dust” is everything you want from a Brutus song. The rhythm section hits with the frantic, unrelenting bluster of a violent dust storm. The guitar squalls and roars, somehow providing crunch and texture all at once. And Stefanie Mannaerts, the same person bashing those drums with such ungodly force and fury, somehow conjures even more elemental force with the human voice. “I never change/ And you’re still the same/ Always searching for more/ Always digging to the core,” she wails, as if her disgust and her rage are locked in a high-stakes battle for supremacy. She continues, “I am so tired/ Of everyone that’s breathing down my neck!” The way she emphasizes “so tired,” as if it’s both a death threat and a Song Of The Summer-worthy hook? That, I submit to you, is the good stuff.

A quote from Brutus:

“DUST” was born out of the frustration of having friends with demands and expectations that were way too high. It’s a song about being at breaking point; pissed off about everything and everyone. “DUST” is honest, direct and unfiltered. It’s a very special and personal song for us, which is why we wanted this to be the first new song for people to hear.

Listen below. And if you think Mannaerts might be singing about you… maybe you shouldn’t be like that.

11/16 Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
11/17 Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
11/18 Glasgow, UK @ Audio
11/19 Leeds, UK @ Lending Room
11/21 Brighton, UK @ Patterns
11/22 London, UK @ The Garage