Jonah Falco, the Fucked Up drummer and Career Suicide frontman, moved to London years ago, and he quickly made himself an essential part of a resurgent UK punk and hardcore scene. Falco has produced a bunch of great records in recent years, including the complete discographies of Chubby And The Gang and the Chisel, and he’s also got a few projects of his own going. One of those projects is Boss, a band that makes a very catchy, very specific kind of punk rock.

Falco started Boss with Maxime Smadja, from the French oi band Rixe, and they released a kickass two-song single in 2018. With Boss, Falco and Smajda draw on street-punk and on the glam and pub-rock that helped birth UK punk. These days, Chubby And The Gang frontman Charlie Manning Walker is also playing guitar for Boss, and they’ve just released their second two-song single. We already posted first single “Cash ‘Em In.” Today, we get to hear the B-side “Red Signal,” which sounds like Cock Sparrer trying to sound like Thin Lizzy. It fucking rips. Listen below.

“Cash ‘Em In” b/w “Red Signal” is out now on Static Shock Records.