Body Meat, the alias and project of musician Chris Taylor, dropped a new song “Focus” and a music video for it. As the first glimpse of his upcoming debut album, the song leans into a futuristic, fast electronic instrumental that immediately succeeds in pulling listeners into a unique and otherworldly reality.

“Maybe I don’t want a city life,” he sings on the track. “All our life, I ain’t know we could really feel that alive / I figured out / I want to talk / I found a way to feel like I’m gone.”

The video is directed by Rich Smith and provides an extension of the same themes. In it, when the song reaches the peak of the EDM-inspired beat, the visuals take a chaotic turn, making it even more entertaining.

“We see body tether himself to his home and leave to venture out to the overworld,” Taylor shared in a statement. “He finds that the path is blocked by a mysterious dungeon, he must traverse the dungeon and find a way out to the other side. Only by breaking his tether does he find the exit to this place.”

Along with the new song and video, Body Meat is set to play at SXSW next month.

Check out Body Meat’s “Focus” above.