It’s been a big week for Smashing Pumpkins. They shared the previously unreleased ATUM track “Spellbinding,” plus and a slew of North American The World Is A Vampire tour dates, which kick off in July in Vegas. Also this week, Billy Corgan stopped by Howard Stern, where he told a story involving his father indirectly winning the lottery.

“[My father] showed up — new clothes, new car. I said, ‘Did you rent this car?’ He laughed and said, ‘Sorta,’” Corgan said. Later, Corgan found out his father had come into some money: “His wife’s aunt had won the Florida state lottery — $27 million, clean … but my father didn’t want me to know because [he thought] I would ask him for my money back that he stole from me,” Corgan said. “That’s how my father’s brain worked.” (Corgan’s dad stole from him frequently, the singer told Stern.)

Also during the interview, Corgan spoke about the late Lisa Marie Presley, who he co-wrote “Savior” with in 2003. Corgan also performed at Presley’s funeral. “She was awesome – that was a tough one,” he said. “That was really hard for me because she was a one-of-a-kind person and the world really didn’t know her because they of course always knew her as Elvis’ daughter, but she was a really, really, cool, unique person.”

Watch Corgan’s sit-down with Stern below.