The explosive and conceptual Austin rockers …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead will return with their new album XI: BLEED HERE NOW next month. They shared two tracks upon announcing the album, and today they’re back with videos for two more, “Contra Mundum” and “Penny Candle.” The band’s Conrad Keely directed and edited both of them, with co-production by bandmate Jason Reece. They shared a statement about the former:

You might call this song our manifesto for facing all adversity. Like many songs on the new album, it was born out of a sense of not feeling any affinity for what is happening culturally, musically, or politically in the current world, but reserving a strong conviction that we are not alone in this, and not on the wrong track despite our sense of isolation.

Check out both videos below.

XI: BLEED HERE NOW is out 7/15 on Dine Alone.