This summer, the grungy rocker-turned-experimental pop artist Alaska Reid will release her debut album Disenchanter, which was co-produced by PC Music overlord A. G. Cook. Today she’s sharing the latest single from the album. “Palomino” is a dry, deconstructed track that finds Reid singing, almost moaning in surreal fashion before breaking into a brittle guitar solo. It sounds a bit like dystopian pop-rock, but in a good way? If that makes any sense?

In a press release, Reid explains, “My mom lived for a while in Los Angeles in the 80s and worked at a club called the Palomino in North Hollywood. She told me and my sisters all these crazy stories from those days. I wrote this song imagining I was her, working at a club like that.” Listen below.

Disenchanter is out 7/14 on Luminelle.